You are based in Peterborough, can you manage events in other parts of Ontario or even Canada?

Yes I have organized events in major cities throughout Ontario. I am able to work from Peterborough and will also meet with you in person as required.

Why should I choose you instead of another event organizer?

It is my goal to know and anticipate your needs perfectly by working closely with you. I pride myself on providing complete events that allow you to enjoy and relax at your event.

We have a limited event budget – are you able to help us?

Certainly – I can be involved on any level to suit your needs. I have also a proven track record of working with clients reduce costs in different areas.

Green events are important to me. Are you able to work with us to achieve this goal?

Absolutely!  Hosting green events are a personal goal of mine. From off-setting the environmental impact to reducing waste and selecting environmentally friendly venues, I am happy to work with you to ensure you are comfortable with how green the event is.

We are in the middle of planning an event but cannot complete it on our own. Can you help?

Yes, I can jump into a project at any point. Give me a call and let’s talk about your needs!