Satisfying Dietary Needs

For most event demographics, long gone are the days of roast beef and potatoes. Now, you will likely receive any number of requests; from South Beach Diet to vegetarians, low carb to Halal, everyone is aware of what they’re eating and don’t want that to change just because they’re at an event. And let’s not […]

Picking Your Date

So you’ve decided to hold an event.  Congratulations!  Now, the big question – WHEN will this event take place?  Sometimes, the date is obvious. Perhaps it’s an annual event that takes place on the same weekend each year, or perhaps you’re celebrating a certain holiday or anniversary.  Oftentimes, however, choosing the date of your event […]

Event Planners Are People Too

Planning events can be tedious, require you to strive on minimal sleep, and will challenge your memory (or system for keeping all necessary details at your fingertips!).  So why do event planners do what they do? Simply put – event planners get a rush from seeing hours and hours of work come to fruition.  There […]